The Wrong Answer


The National Rifle Association, in addition to being the religious headquarters for plenty of gun nuts throughout America, is also a successful political lobby. They give money to lawmakers in exchange for favors rendered. Inevitably, these favors include the relaxing or abolishment of any restrictions on laws that determine who can own a gun, and how to obtain one — laws commonly referred to as gun control.


I’ve quoted Robert Heinlein, particularly Starship Troopers, before. It’s jingoistic military propaganda, pure and simple, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some valid points to make. Here some students receive instruction from the teacher of their “History and Moral Philosophy” class.

  • Mason County, WA: A man found that someone had broken into his place of business and was using the shower there. Rather than insist that the intruder leave, he retrieved his handgun and shot the intruder (who was still showering) four times, resulting in the intruder’s death.
  • San Antonio, TX: Man #1 was walking down the hallway of an apartment complex and bumped into Man #2 and Woman #2. An argument ensued. Woman #2 drew and fired upon Man #1, who had to be hospitalized.
  • Mount Dora, FL: A man walked into a barbershop and asked to have his hair cut for $2. (Average price for a man’s haircut in America is reported to be $44.) The barber refused. The man returned with a gun and shot the barber fatally.
  • Burnside, IL: a son argued with his father over who was going to walk the dog. They shot each other multiple times. The son died of his injuries.


Now, you may notice something, dear reader, and it’s that I haven’t been playing 100% straight with you. The article I linked to with Wayne LaPierre’s statement is actually an Esquire op-ed which is critical of LaPierre’s stance. “Everywhere else in the world consumes American culture voraciously,” Stephen Marche rebuts, “and yet they don’t have murder as a public-health problem.” And he’s absolutely right. Correlation does not imply causation, is how we psychology majors put it. Violent works of media do not cause gun violence. And gun violence does not cause violent media. Only a few works, video games mostly, have ever dared to put you in the shoes of a person executing a killing spree against unarmed civilians; they did it for the shock value, and have largely been criticized for being tasteless. Regardless of American attitudes towards gunning down multitudes of enemy combatants, they still draw the line at perpetrating mass shootings.



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