You do not get to live in a world that satisfies your sense of ethics. You do, however, get to create one. And that’s what this blog has always been about.

A lot of people believe capitalism is a step forward. And they’re right. But it’s only a step forward.

Because for all his great work in the antifa space, he’s also doing his best to fan the flames of male entitlement.

One of the hardest things a man has to face, in the dating world, is rejection. It’s also one of the most common things. Dating is 99.8% rejection…

There’s only two — so far as I can tell from this particular vantage point in my life. But they explain everything.

1. “Racism” is not identical to “prejudice.”

I talked about this in another article already, but I’m just going to review it because it bears repeating: “Racism” is not identical to “prejudice.”

If you’re at…

I’m sure we’ve all seen the Daily Show interview where a man is asked his stance on abortion:

Image owned by The Daily Show, 11 October 2020. Used without permission.

And I’m here to tell you that this man is not a hypocrite in the slightest.

On the surface, my assertion seems impossible. If we care about protecting lives, why don’t we…

Because it’s about as specious as claiming that a crucifix doesn’t represent Christianity.

For those unaware: Once upon a time, a country called the “United States of America” was founded. …

The Washington Post laid it all out.

They published an analysis done by psychologists on the differences between conservatives and liberals. The physiological analysis indicated that conservatives tend to have larger amygdalae, the structures in the brain responsible for fear; they also indicated that, when put in situations where they…

I’m going to need to build a bunch of Magic decks soon.

copyright Wizards of the Coast, 1993-present

I don’t know if it’s a Millennials thing, or maybe just a product of being one of the first members of the Information Age, but as my generation gets older and starts having kids, we’re putting a lot…

As part of an attempt (one of several) to get away from Facebook, I ended up on Reddit. There’s definitely a lot of alt-right fools and incel jihadists hanging out there, but there are also some sensible corners too — particularly the r/relationship_advice subreddit. …

We’ve all heard of it. The Friend Zone. A purgatory more escape-proof than Alcatraz; the average single male would rather die than end up in it. Nobody wants to be in the Friend Zone.

And that’s always struck me as pretty funny, when you consider that it doesn’t exist.


What do we do when we’ve created a culture whose members cannot afford to be good people?

I have to admit, to my embarrassment, that I completely missed spoon theory. It’s not just that it’s an incredibly useful conceptual framework; it’s that I think “spoon” is an inherently funny word…

Perspectives in C

We don’t have the right to live in a world that satisfies our moral sensibilities. We DO, however, get to CREATE one. Here’s how we do it.

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